Debt Consolidation Services

North American Consumer Credit was established as a non-profit Debt Consolidation organization to provide Debt Consolidation Services under Internal Revenue Service Code 501a and 501 © (3).

All across America, there are people like you having trouble paying down their credit cards. They are delinquent on their bills, and fear every time they hear the phone ring thinking it is a creditor looking for their payment. How can one cut back on the stress when the bills just won’t stop coming? How does one get out from under a heavy debt load without causing irreparable damage to your credit report? Call North American.

Financial problems can happen to anyone. Unfortunately, financial difficulties can aggravate the problems you already have or create new ones. People who experience money problems are often surprised by how rapidly the situation affects other parts of their life. Like job performance and personal relationships. Whatever the reason may be people who find themselves in difficult financial situations often need experienced, professional guidance. All of our counselors are certified with the National Institute For Financial Education.

I owe my creditors thousands of dollars How can North American Consumer Credit Help? You’re not alone! Today’s average interest rate is 18.5%, and an average client’s debt is around $10,000.

For example:
A person who charges $2,000 on a credit card at 19.8% interest and a $40 annual fee, and makes only the minimum monthly payment (and many people do just that), it will take them 31 years and two months to pay off the balance, and they would have paid $8,202 in finance charges.

With North American’s help we can get our clients out of debt within 3-5 years.

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